Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Garden-Last Year

This was a corner of my garden last year. It was the first time that I tried my hand at gardening and I must say, I was pleased with the lovely array of colours that greeted me each day. This year I have done precious little in the garden, though my wonderful neighbor reminded me that I didn't start this little project last year until late in the season. I do notice that the date on the picture indicates I must have started earlier than this, but then I have never been able to get an accurate date on that silly techie picture taking machine. So, I suspect there is still time. At this moment in time I would say that my garden is definitely a candidate for Melissa's Procrastination Project over at the Inspired Room.

The little 'bench' is one of my friend Linda's touches. I wanted to created a sort of seating area in the garden and had no budget to do it with, so, Linda came up with this idea. She had this shelf hiding in her storage locker and brought it over to me. We painted it white and sat it on top of some old ceramic tile I had leftover from doing a mosaic on my kitchen tabletop. It may not have been the bench I was hoping for but it turned out quite nicely in the overall garden.

Last year I worked with a fevered passion on my outdoor space, creating growing places everywhere and making a lovely outdoor living space on my front porch using what I already had. Let me show you............... Now I realize this space does not equal the wondrous outdoor living spaces that one would see in the decorating magazines, but, it was like a little piece of heaven to me.

The space had been a cluttered mishmash of everything you can imagine, but, with my dear elegant friend, Linda, it became a usable space to enjoy the beautiful days and nights of summer. Of course my dear Gabby Girl found her viewing perch as soon as it was placed. As I look at this picture, I am reminded of all the finishing I was going to do. My winter sewing projects and such. Oh, the cane chair was relocated to my husband's office after Linda and I spent a week redoing that room.
This was another little fun thing I did in the garden. I had found this mirror years ago in a thrift store and it hung in the living room for quite some time. I decided it was time for it to have a new adventure and so, here it is hanging on the weathered fence of this old cottage. The orange netting that is reflected in the mirror ended up supporting a beautiful scarlet runner that provided the neighborhood with beans all fall. Yes, I did get the garden in late last year. It was actually a very cold spring and as I recall, most people who planted early had to redo all their planting. Perhaps I do have time to work on my own procrastination project. :) If the date is right, and we have already determined it may not be, then I am a day or two away from late July. My rose has not even bloomed this year yet. This was the first bloom from last year. Every year this little bush gives me a first perfect bloom and then delights me with throughout the season. My neighbour, Gail, accused me of stapling on silk blooms because they always appeared to be perfect in detail. This year I have 8 buds waiting to bless me and she has been watching closely to make sure they are real....LOL. Yes, there is time.

Perhaps my garden is a late bloomer, in general, and reflects my late blooming. Perhaps that is it.

This is how the garden looked before I started doing anything to it the year before, so I suppose I did alright last year and am quite pleased with my work when I look at the first picture in this blog entry.

Well, I have a day off tomorrow and I think I will do some gardening. I will let you know how it goes.

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