Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Linda's Patio

My friend Linda has the most amazing patio every year. This is her basket of begonias that she uses to conceal the heating unit located next to her patio. I don't have a picture of it in it's full glory, however, it draws your eye away from the metal box it sits on.

Linda is the most elegant woman I know. I met her when she came into the linen store I work in and purchased some beautiful linens for her mother who was in a nursing home. I remember thinking that she was possibly the most elegant woman I had ever met. She was tall and slender and well dressed, with perfectly coiffed hair and make up. She moved with an easy grace and a personality that made waiting on her a pleasure. I wanted to be like this woman when I grew up. She purchased the most magnificent red duvet cover and all the trimmings with magnificent flowers outlined in black with touches of the perfect deep olive green. Then she bought her mother a new duvet to put inside to finish the perfect look while creating warmth and comfort. I found out later that her mother had already retreated into her own mind and was not really aware of her daughter's loving act to surround her with beauty and comfort, but, this was and is...Linda. There was no question that her mother would continue to be surrounded with things of quality and beauty that would simply enrich the grace and elegance that Linda had learned from her throughout her life.

Linda does life with simple grace and elegance easily and effortlessly. Linda and I have become friends over the past few years and I am blessed.

Back to Linda's patio. Linda has a small patio on her ground floor apartment that she turns into a Tuscan like wonder where we have been known to spend an afternoon sharing a bottle of wine, some fine cheeses, hearty bread and delectible assortment of fruits. She just has the knack of making everything she touches into an experience to remember. The most amazing thing about her is that she does it with style, imagination and a comman sense fiscal responsibility. She never wastes a moment thinking about what trendy new item is needed to impress anyone, she works with the fabulous, time honoured treasures she has acquired on her journey through life thus far.

I love this urn and the old dressing table mirror that she has hung on the lattice work behind it to reflect the colourful array of flowers. The little white latticed porcelin basket was a gift of flowers sent to her an one time and each year I see it replanted.

I am always amazed at how beautiful this corner of the patio is each and every year. This site just takes my breath away over and over again.

There is the candlabra above the table and the wicker shelves painted black that are filled with pots and pretty things. So simple and yet creating an ambiance that soothes the soul. I do love Linda's patio.

I am still learning how to present things here in the blogging space and I know that things may not look as perfect as I would like, but that is something else I have learned from Linda. Nothing really has to be perfect to be a source of perfect joy for you.
So, I hope you enjoy this patio as much as I do.
I sincerely hope everyone is blessed with their own elegant lady of simple grace, your own Linda.

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