Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Things

Sunday and Monday night my husband chooses the menu. Last night we had smokies and potato salad. I must admit to grumbling a bit that we were once again eating kid (aka bachelor) food but an agreement is an agreement. I hadn't really thought about how to I could present this gourmet meal in a way that would satisfy my new found passion for getting elegance into my life, but, I thought about it last night. I had my dinner on a lovely china plate with gold scrolling on the border and ate my potato salad with a silver fork while drinking my water from a beautiful balloon shaped peice of stemware. This satisfied me and I decided that next week I would set the table with flowers and candles and call it "Kid Food Chic". So simple, wonder why I haven't thought of it sooner.

Perhaps a part of looking for grace and elegance in life is also looking for the gratitude of having the life that you have. Grumbling and griping can become such a way of life that there is no energy left to look for any other way to handle the situation presenting itself until the decision is made to actively find another way. I became aware of my grumbling and since I have made this decision to consult my "little girl", I also became aware of china and silver for my kid food. How simple to follow little Cara.

After dinner I decided to spend some time pampering myself. I did a pedicure. I have not had time to get to the pedicurist and have one done so I did it myself. I must admit that I much prefer the perfection of dear Fong than doing it myself but the upside of my attempt is that my feet feel much better in general. I had my first pedicure about 10 weeks ago and it was my intention to have one every two weeks. I had some crisis situations arise at work and found myself totally focusing on the need to take care of that and let my own personal needs wait. Now, 10 weeks later, here is what I have learned about pedicures.....a pedicure at my age is NOT a simple luxury. It is a necessity!!! This simple act gave me time to think about things I keep putting off. The most amazing thing to me is the aftermath of actually doing something that I had previously managed to sidestep. 'Doing' feels wonderful. Absolutely WONDERFUL.

Ah, look at the time. I must get ready for work. I may be back later this evening if I have not found some simple thing to do to take one step forward on living my life with grace and simple elegance.

Have a wonderful day.

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